Tuesday, November 5, 2013

So you want to date?

As the title of this first post claims: "You want to date."

Whatever your reasons might be, you are now on the internet, and you are either actively, or possibly hesitantly stepping around trying to find that possible love of your life. Some of you are newly divorced, some of you are folk who work way too many hours and you have no time to meet people, some of you are just too shy to step up to someone and make that first initiating step to see if a relationship is even possible. I can keep going on, and on, and on, and on, and on... My point is, I know about the online dating world. And, with this blog my only intentions are to be helpful, or as helpful as I possibly can to anyone who is in need of assistance through this world of finding love online.

I am the owner of WantToGoOut.com. I have personally been involved in the online dating community for quite some years now. Besides hosting and running the free dating community WantToGoOut.com, a place that has seen thousands of members, I have been personally searching for that one love of my life for quite some time now. Mostly this search has been aided and guided by the internet. My involvement with the online dating world first began in the mid 90's when I met my first girlfriend, someone I had met on AOL at a time when it was possible to search through somewhat personal details in member's profile pages. It was simple for strangers that were either neighbors or folk from all ends of the world to find particular information, and then message that person either through email, or instant messaging. After all of these years, I am happy to announce that after years and years of what felt like to me an endless or wasted search, I have finally met someone who I think is quite the incredible person. Amazingly enough, but not shocking at all, the two of us met online.

Now, what has happened to WantToGoOut.com, and what will happen with it? Nothing really happened with it. Back in 2008-09, after a good deal of energy, time, and money put into promoting and building the site, I realized I needed to cease all of my internet activities and head back to school to earn a degree. In that time, up until the writing of this post, WanToGoOut.com has been an active online dating community. However, I do not see it doing much at the moment. My visits have dropped drastically, and I have had more and more spammers signing up to the site than ever before, and more than anyone else. Spammers are incredibly frustrating to me because when I initially created WantToGoOut.com my main objective was to fight off and keep away all spammers. That is an incredibly difficult task for a free online dating community to uphold. But, for quite sometime, I did it pretty well at keeping them away. Currently, though, they are winning, therefore, I am taking the site down. I am planning on furthering my education even more and I do not want to keep this site up in a half-ass sort of way, and there are a number of reasons I have for that, all concerning the welfare of those in the online dating community.

So, for now, I am going to keep it as a blog. And I am going to put down words and broadcast them as my thoughts in a truthful way that I believe will be helpful toward the wide variety of people who are searching for love online. Maybe one day WannaGoOut.com will return as an online dating community, and hopefully it will be that great site I originally dreamed it to be. However, for now, I believe that the person I am, my conscience I have will feel better knowing that WannaGoOut.com is still helping people who need the help to find love, but just in a different way. Besides, currently, as I know from personal experience, there are some truly awesome websites out there that are legitimately helpful in finding people dates, and loves, more than my site has been able to up to this point.

Please feel free to reach out to me. I am busy with my studies, but I will reply whenever I can.

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