Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Igniting The Flame: General Dating Suggestions

Searching for love online comes in many different forms. As many of us are quickly molded by pop-culture as we grow up, we are instantly tuned into the possibility of fairy tale type of "love at first sight" possibilities; reality prevails, however, as we all try to spark up that flame of love and all we have is a wet match. 

I do not believe that the spark of love can be immediately ignited into this huge flame of love, with happiness and whatever else it is we see on the movies, or read in novels. 

No, no, love takes time!  

It is way too simple to peak in on other peoples lives as you totally misinterpret the amount of time it took for those people to fall in-love. What might look like a minute to you, is probably actually thousands of minutes to them. If it did not take time for those people you are peaking in on, it is likely then the both of those people were just ready in that particular moment as one began rubbling their flint around someone who was leaking something flammable. Yes, I did just say that. I have no clue why I am speaking in euphemisms right now. 

I believe what I am trying to say is, when you first meet someone, be smart, be patient. You do not want to just quickly jump into a relationship or anything before the both of you involved are clear about each other,  and your intentions are both known and understood. At the least, before jumping into a relationship, have a truthful general discussion with each other about who you see yourself as, and what you want out of life, whether or not that is anything. In this type of conversation, explaining that you want nothing, is something. And it needs to be discussed. 

Always keep in mind that the person you are on a date with, they too have feelings, emotions, and everything else that a normal human has, even if you or your date are not the definition of normal per se, you are still human, well, wait, hopefully you are on a date with a human. As you will see in the attached video, some of us aren't so lucky to be on a date with a human. But anyway if you happen to be an emotionless, feelingless person, try putting yourself in the thought as though the person sitting across from you is your mother, father, sister or brother. No, I am just trying for you to imagine incest, yuk, but I am trying to get you to understand that you should not play with other peoples emotions. You need to be honest and upfront so that time is not wasted and feelings are not hurt for either participant. If you are someone who hates your parents, your family, and when you put yourself in their shoes you just become more mean and vengeful toward your date, WELL, honestly, you need to seek out professional help and you just shouldn't be dating until you change a little bit of that anger. Anyway, I found the following video online sometime ago. I found it at a time when I was searching for love online; the video's satirical value made me laugh and smile, and so I wanted to share it with you. 

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