Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dating Suggestion of the Day

Be patient! Be aware!

Why be patient? I am not yet a wise old man. However, I am wise enough to know by now that when we rush into a relationship before getting to know the person whom we are jumping into bed with (I do mean that literally or figuratively, and literally and figuratively), we are risking a number of outcomes. More specifically and certainly not limited to: 1. Hurt feelings 2. Hurt feelings 3. Hurt feelings and finally, 4. Hurt feelings. So, the moral to this little group of words is, be smart, don't just jump into bed without making sure you really want to be in bed with that person. Again, that bed equation is meant to be taken literally or figuratively, and literally and figuratively.

Why be aware? Generally speaking, being aware is being in touch with truth. Many times we find ourselves in a relationship, we sense that some kind of lie is going on. But, somehow that egomaniacal liar has this fancy way of making us believe that our intuition is wrong, and then on top of that, this particular type of person can turn things around on us, making us feel as though we are the ones who have done the wrong thing that we suspected this egomaniacal liar of doing. Okay, anyway, my point is you know yourself best. If you know your feelings, and that feeling of "something ain't right" surfaces throughout your mind or body, that is when you need to really trust yourself and make sure that you are not being played for as a fool. So, yes, be aware!

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