Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday online dating tips:

Do you realize that different people have different interpretations of the purposes for particular dating sites?

What I mean is, let's say you are using (please do not limit this discussion to just plentyoffish, the following applies to all dating sites). While you might possibly be on a particular site for the pure honest intent to just find that next fantastic lover to add to your life, you must keep in mind that other people have other intentions. It is quite possible that the person you are meeting is on Plentyoffish with the intentions to just have a booty call. It is even possible that my mind cannot even begin to imagine or interpret what lies on some minds as to why they are on a dating site. My point in explaining this is, it would not hurt if you are upfront with a person you are interested in meeting with. It is important to do this to ensure both of you are in-fact on either the same or at least on more similar pages, than not. The worst thing you could ever do is assume that your reason for being on a site is the same as  person you are ready to meet, when in-fact that person you are ready to meet is thinking something VERY different. Going with such assumptions is a dangerous approach since in the end feelings could get hurt, and things could get worst than that. Always keep in mind that other person you are meeting are just as human as you. And hopefully they are as thoughtful and caring as you not to play you in your pursuit.

It might also be helpful to keep in mind that a person you might be wanting to meet, their profile could say one thing, and, as we all know, life has its way of changing as quickly as a second passes by on a clock. So, my point? It cannot hurt if you ask the person you want to  meet whether their profile is currently explaining who they are, and what their intentions are, not yesterday, but today.

Good luck! If you ever have any questions relating to online dating, feel free to reach out to me, and I will do my best to answer your question as best as I can, if I can.

Actually before I go. Keep in mind, yes, it is totally possible that we can all find someone totally insane and scary on the internet via a dating site, but, truth is, you are meeting humans. What I mean by this is, it is possible to meet someone crazy anywhere. It is important to keep yourself level minded. Do not get caught up and carried away in a fake love lost world. Get to know the person before you regret not getting to know the person. This applies to whether you meet someone online or outside of the internet world. People are people whether the first time you meet them is online, or at the library. Crazy can be found all over.

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