Friday, November 8, 2013

It's A Friday. And it's A Night. And Do I Wanna Go Out?

Answer me that. Do you really wanna go out? What is the fun in that! There is nothing better than sitting on a couch with your lover's legs pressed against yours, after having bottles of The Mad Elf Ale, topping that bad boy off with some delicious Dog Fish Head chaser. Seriously, Mr. Independent Troegs Craft Brewery, your beer is delicious. But, I can only have one. If I had another, I'd be, well, I'd probably be jumping out the window at my girlfriend's apartment trying to see if that is in fact the elf hiding behind my car in the parking lot. So, to answer my own life long question of, "do you wanna go out?" No, I wanna stay right here. Also, I cannot fail to mention this evening's movie. There is nothing better than drinking Mad Elf Ale, Dog Fish Head and watching Jennifer Garner in the wonderfully absurd movie called: "Butter." And, why am I expelling any go yhid. Well, jus

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